Uni Wall is formed by a team with 38 years experiences in this industry, since year 1999, which specializes in the design, fabrication & installation of aluminium architectural products for the building industry with greateer focus on the commercial, housing and public sector.

Recent years, in order to meet the future demand of quality finished "Green Building Facade" aluminium achitectural products, Uni Wall group has building up a stronger & stronger team with our experienced technical personnel to meet the aluminium industry's requirements and procide an efficient site management system to fulfill customer's needs "Green Building Purposes".

Uni Wall group has the ability to provide the complete services of design, fabrication, and installation of "Green Facade" aluminium architectural products for the building industry like our main products - design, supply and installation of "Green Facade" aluminium sun shading, aluminium roof capping, spider clamp glass wall, aluminium curtain walling system and aluminium cladding system.

Besides that, Uni Wall group also offer the services of aluminium customized products like skylight system and aluminium perforated screen to enhance the company's competitive advantages. This is essential to maintain company performances and has a sustainable growth in order to compete in this building industry.

Therefore, we are confident that we have the capability to embrace diversity as an essential component in the way we running business and develop enthusiastically satisfied customers all of the time.


A UniWall’s ‘Green Facade’ is a facade system that combining and contributing all the aluminum and glazing architectural products (like Low energy glazing curtain walling system, sun shading system, Low energy rainscreen system..)to the building that is designed, constructed, and operated utilizing a whole-system design approach, with the goal of enhancing the overall environmental performance of the building and the site specially in the - Less expensive to heat and cool; Greater comfort of air ventilation; Healthier environment, Greater durability of material used & Less future maintenance.


As our supply of fossil fuels decrease and the price increases people are much more concerned about how green facade in their building can save resources and money. Heating, cooling and lighting consume 67% of all the electricity that’s generated. Curtain wall, Windows and doors comprise a large portion of heat loss in a wall and lower the overall R-value of the wall. Therefore, UniWall’s ‘Green Building Facade’ is contributing to:

  • Energy-saving building envelopes with shading systems that control solar heat gain or ventilated façades that help moderate temperatures
  • Can significantly upgrade performance and efficiency; rain screen façade systems maximize thermal performance at the building envelope
  • Reduce maintenance versus sealed/caulked curtain-wall system
  • Brings innovative design concepts from the use of unique material applications
  • Consideration of green/sustainable issues in every design project to inspire different within normal curtain wall system and green façade design system
  • The needed aim of sustainable design is to produce designs in a way that reduces use of non-renewable resources, minimizes environmental impact
  • Sustainable design or "green design", ranges from the microcosm of designing to the macrocosm of designing buildings, cities, and the earth's physical surface
  • Adopting sustainable manufacturing processes
  • Give new opportunities for building refits and adaptive reuse
  • Contribute to LEED certification of energy reduction (LEED NC 2.2-EA 1.0)